Saturday, September 13, 2008

Stepping out

Today we headed out to the gardens....and stepped in and out of sun and shadows waited patiently for the fish to kiss our fingersand after a small while patience payed off found an unusual Ginko leafand had a taste of things to come
It was really warm, around 26 degrees, the warmest day we have had in months. We left the house in the morning without sunscreen and hats. After months of chill I am now unaccustomed to the summer ritual of covering up against the sun. It was a good day. We met with friends, made our acquaintance with a gentle rat named Flower-bell and had some time to frolic by ourselves too. The best kind of day really.


umbrellabella said...

G and I had a look at those lilies recently too. The Botanic Gardens is so nice at this time of year mmmmm lovely days

Sara said...

I went to the show on Saturday - I wore long sleeves and got boiling hot but was glad of the cover-up when the sun went down. Perfect day for the botanic gardens with so much lovely shade.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a perfect day