Monday, September 22, 2008

7 flowers - Pansy

Day 2 - Monday.
We planted these pansies months ago along with miniature marigolds to woo the bugs that dwell in and around our veggie patch. I love the texture of pansy petals. They make me think of the softest and finest velvet. For some trivia, pansy is derived from the french pensée meaning "thought", as their small faces were likened to our thoughtful ones.


Anne said...

I love Pansies, and Johnny Jump ups. Which I have jumping up in my back yard. :)

umbrellabella said...

My Grandmother grew pansies next to her verandah and often talked about them having little faces and thats what I think about whenever I see them.
And fressias! The smell is so peppery and summery I love them.

Mel said...

mmmmmm it's nice here! When Bryn was little pansies were her favourite...your uncluttered writing compliments the bold colours and subtle textures.