Tuesday, November 25, 2008

First Meme

The lovely Umbrellabella tagged me for this wee meme 6 quirky boring things about me.

1. I have a weakness for Sayo biscuits with butter and Vegemite (very The Sullivan's) - more boring than quirky.

2. I will only eat noodles with chopsticks and on those few occasions when I have had to introduce a fork (out of politeness to my host) it has just felt very wrong.

3. I try not to step on cracks - this makes my partner laugh as our house is surrounded by crazy path.

4. I really love Diane Keaton in Annie Hall and singing this - she is so quirky and endearing.

5. I am a little scared of balloons. I put this down to a vigorous balloon popping game at Brownies.6. I confess, I also have an unnatural weakness for these orange finger warmers. It is now my turn to tag. How about Hazy Jane, The Nutrients of Life, Skanky Jane, Chrissy Forman, Huch by Joelie, Looptiy Loo.


flowerpress said...

Cute shoes!

Skanky Jane said...

Hi Julie,

I've tagged you in a meme that was started by Mayhem as an experiment - to find out if the blogosphere is as viral in 2008 as it used to be. But it seems, you've not only beaten me to it but that the question has already been answered, in so far as your part of the blogosphere goes anyway! Well and truly viral! (Maybe it was Lauren who started this meme - I'll have to read her post again - or maybe it's a fluke that this is the same meme?) Ahhh the questions!

Anyway, to see my part of the meme - you can go HERE.

SJ xx

You will see I haven't put a link under your name - yet.

Skanky Jane said...

Oh! disabled html! To see my part of the meme you can go to my Ruses of Pleasure blog xx SJ

Anne said...

Balloons freak me out too! LOL

Bird Bath said...

hello, just stumbled upon the quirky meme and then enjoyed wandering back through your wonderful blog. Such wonderful photos and posts.

umbrellabella said...

That was fun to read- I do the crack thing too but havent had to negotiate paving that tricky!!!

Amber said...

Oh I just saw you tagged me...thank you so much.
That is so sweet. Oh I am all proud. Thanks again and lots of love

Julie said...

Ahh, so nice to know there is so much shared quirkiness in the world:)

Skanky Jane said...

Hi Julie!

Thanks for coming down to Skanky Town! I think I have seeded a bit of bogus information by saying that Mayhem began this meme. What Mayhem did do however was attach the question re "viralness" to the meme. I made an attempt to trace this meme to it's beginning the other day, but gave up pretty fast!

Being scared of balloons, you should watch this video with someone strong, dark and handsome *w*.

SJ xx

Julie said...

Yikes SK. I watched that one but on mute.

emma said...

oops, sorry I took so long! I'm afraid I'm fresh out of quirkiness right now...maybe I'll try in the new year. Thanks though!