Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nest is Best

We have been waiting patiently all week for the four little speckled blue eggs to hatch, only one more little egg to wait for now. The nest is in a low bush outside our dining room doors. Our streetwise tabby knows just what's in the nest and there has been all sorts of fun and games keeping him safely inside and then catching him when he escapes. More pics to come:)


Bec said...

What a great thing to capture!, We have many baby bird births at our house but always too high to capture more than a glimpse, how lucky you are!

Lizz said...


Happy Spring to you on your side of our spinning globe.

The cat story is just too funny. I've been there so often.

Amber said...

Oh my god......oh my you clever thing capturing this. They are too sweet. You are such a creative lady..xx

Melissa said...

wow- thank you for the peek into that nest! how wonderful.