Monday, November 3, 2008

Home fires burning

Much of the last few days has been spent close to home. A welcome pause before a busy week. Sunday morning brought thunder and some lightening. I love the thrill of these storms. I ran out into the backyard to cover up the bunny hutch when the promise of rain began and found myself lingering as the lightening struck, a reminder of childhood daring. Since then there has been some romancing of hot water bottles (the weather has been very mild but the girls love to snuggle), long buttery breakfasts and a rebelliously late start to the school day.


Amber said...

Oh that looks so lovely, so wholesome.
I always love your posts. You have one of my fav blogs. It is such a refreshing place to be.
You must not be in the same country as me with that weather??
Take care

Melissa said...

oh- i love these pictures! i feel as though i could straight to sleep in that bed. your blog is so homely.