Monday, September 1, 2008


When placed together these acorn leaves make me think of the bodies of lovers. Titles for the images came to me as I put together the set. Descriptions like closer, shelter, solace, apart, together, and one, all seemed fitting.


Mel said...
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Mel said...

(that last was full of typos - sorry)

Very nice study, the leaves look plumped, almost fleshy..? Reminds me of a Palmolive lotion TV advert that intrigued me when i was little. In the advert, a dry leaf was reconstituted, becoming green and supple again once the lotion was applied. I thought it would really work, if i could only get my hands on a bottle of that lotion...!

LOVE your blog!!!

Hard rubbish held me for hours in it's grubby, yet promising piles yesterday - so that i didn't get online until now. i found a book that looks like it could be yours: A Critical Handbook of Children's Literature by Rebecca J. Lukens (1990). xx

Anonymous said...

Magpies sing Spring's song.
Swoop! A black and white ambush!
Ouch! Bleeding season.

Wonderful blog!


Hollabee said...

so glad I found your blog...and I'm loving your spring banner...stunning