Sunday, August 31, 2008

Now she is nine

During the week my sweet eight turned a mighty fine nine. I am a sentimental kind of girl and usually experience a kind of heaviness with each passing birthday year. In the past I have found myself looking through photo albums and sifting through carefully packed away treasures of scuffed shoes and outgrown clothes. This year is different. I feel good about this turning of age and am looking forward rather than back. This has so much to do with her.


Mark said...

Happy Birthday nine year-old. xx

Chrissy ForemanC said...

I just LOVE the lover leaves. So beautiful, so gentle and nurturing. Bless

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Girl.
Nine hip hip hoorays for you.
Taller. More knowing.

Love SallyPeru

Prudence said...

Happy late birthday! She looks so sweet in that little outfit! xox