Friday, August 29, 2008

Of leaves and hearts

Love heart ballet
Heart off sleeve
Do you see what I see. I have been finding love hearts. That's the thing, if you want to find something in something then you will, especially when you collect from nature. With the hearts, sometimes they are 'authentic' representations and other times they are more abstract. I came across my first hearts years ago. Heart shaped leaf like seed pods on my street and then again with the true heart shaped leaves of violets growing in the botanical gardens. I hadn't noticed any for a while and then recently I have started to find them in all sorts of places.


flowerpress said...

Just lovely, I love the way you've photographed them too.

cloth.paper.string said...

lovely. specimens and photos. what kind of leaves are they?

HB said...

I love this post and the way you combined your writing with the leaf it's truly emotive. I'll be popping by often now.