Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Wet painting

Wet painting is an all round favourite. We use Stockmar brand paint and add enough water until the consistency is very thin, very much like water. It is one of my favourites because all preparation is shared between us and the results are beautiful, bold and colourful. The girls usually start out in a traditional fashion, using paint brushes to compose landscapes and faces, but more often than not they end up dipping the ends and middles of folded paper towel into the paints to make patterns. It is an activity that they can do from summer through to winter, rain or shine and one they do not tire of.


Anonymous said...

I love the joy and inspiration you describe your kids having whilst painting. I wholeheartedly agree!! Have you tried wet on wet, or just watercolour on dry?

umbrellabella said...

That looks like so much fun I have to try those Stockmar paints one day soon x