Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Easy Pieces

After some consultation with my younger one this arrangement was deemed a winner for the 1st patchwork bedspread. With the help of small hands the sewing together began.... ....and in a pinch under 2 weeks it was completed.
I completed my first patchwork bed spread over the weekend. It really was a (mostly) enjoyable and satisfying process, from collecting, to piecing, to sewing in the last piece. I backed it with a spare polar fleece blanket which was a nervy experience, as the stretchiness made the pinning and sewing a difficult and at times colourful verbal task. Then last night when I tucked the polar fleece side under her chin, all was forgiven and forgotten.


Prudence said...

I've been meaning to make us some quilt-ish bedspreads for years now! Maybe you've inspired me. I say maybe, because that's still an awfully big project and I can be a bit lazy. It's lovely though.

And yeah, it is very natural here. I love it. My favorite place we've ever lived, equal even to where I grew up in Alaska.

umbrellabella said...

I , like prudence feel inspired to get my act together and actually sew the stash of beautiful/sentimental pieces of fabric in my cupboard- that have been there forever! You see its all there in my head but the enormousness of the task keeps me from getting started. So, well done to you for actually making this quilt and then having the pleasure of seeing it used.

Lizz said...


channie said...

hey jules well done on the creation of your lovely quilt, you've done a beautiful job. Your blog is breathtaking as usual! catch you soon, love Channie xxx