Saturday, August 9, 2008

Looking up

I walked home yesterday along my favoured path. I found some beautiful seed pods, I had not come across before, which had recently fallen from a native looking pine with fernish like prongs. Further along the way I passed a row of two year old wattle trees which were just beginning to flower. They had bulbous seed pods and had produced large clusters of perfect yellow flowers. A sun shower started to fall and I turned my gaze upwards. It was at that moment that I saw the rainbow, and reminded myself of the importance of looking up as much as down.


mark said...

beautiful rainbow x

Anne said...

I love Rainbows,
What a beautiful picture!

Sara said...

So clever not slipping on any seed pods while looking up! I saw a beautiful rainbow the other day from my lounge room window - it stretched right across the sky. Maybe it was the same one!

Lizz said...

Gorgeous pictures and the words delight!