Friday, August 1, 2008


I am indeed all sorted and my patch working will soon begin. I have decided on a bedspread for each for the girls. Most of the fabric I will use is in the basket. I hope to sew in some patches from some of their treasured dresses, pants and tops as I think this will be a lovely way to prompt our memories of the past and of their own growth. My girls have enjoyed the process of sorting very much and I think this is why it has taken a while, as I have found the sorting is as much fun as the making. My older girl who is 8 cut swatches from many of the fabrics for her own sewing basket, ironing and then folding each fragment into almost perfect squares. My younger kicked my first piles of fabric around with glee. Later she ran through freshly ironed strips of fabric pretending that they were white stripes on a road.


Bec said...

I love quilting, I made a cradle quilt for my eldest, now my third baby is sleeping in it. I love the idea of using their clothing!!!

Chrissy ForemanC said...

These fabrics are beautiful! Love your style