Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Today Tomorrow

Summer holidays. Days at the local pool. Evenings at the beach. Ice blocks and tan lines. Tomorrow I head back to work after almost three weeks break. After almost three weeks in our small world tomorrow seems so far away. **** The pool we went to today was across town. There are big old gum trees that are over 50 years old and handsome change rooms in almost original condition. Tonight I wish that I had one more today tomorrow.


Bird Bath said...

I've been building up to the idea of taking the kids to the pool - that one looks fantastic.It must be the Burnside one? I've never been there but really want to now :)
Our local one has plenty of shadecloth but it's not the same as a canopy of leaves.

work. sigh.

umbrellabella said...

Blissful shady, squeely splashy times....G is about to start swimming classes so sweet. Your children will have some beautiful memories of this summer mmm work its a bit of a cruel landing after a break x

Sara said...

Ah those lazy summer days. I love the pool at Burnside but haven't been there for years. A work colleague made me think of you today; she is pregant with her second child and we had a morning tea (yes another one!!) as she heads off for a years maternity leave. She gave such a lovely little speech about the joy that her children have brought her and her husband (they have come to parenthood late) and how the children have enriched their lives. It was quite emotional and very sweet. Such lovely family days ahead - well apart from the lack of sleep, etc, etc, :)