Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Friends Tomorrow

I say, it's been a hairy day where fists and words haven't been the only things thrown. I have been telling myself over cups of tea and while smoothing the tears from small cheeks that it's warm and it's the last week of summer holidays, it was a late night last night.... I can think up, but can't be sure of, all sorts of reasons for why some days are more heated than others. What I can be sure of is that these two will still be friends tomorrow. Now, off to the pool to cool these two wild things down.


Amber said...

Oh there are some days that they seem to be at each other more than others...i agree.
Isn't that the lovely thing though...friends tomorrow.
We should learn to get over things as fast as kids do..there maybe less wars..xx

Bird Bath said...

yes it could be a whole lot of things that sets it off...we have seen our share of squabbles over here. The heat can fray the big and little tempers.
A cool splash and a new day will set things straight I bet.

Leanne said...

Ah yes my two will also always be friends tomorrow....holidays, heat tiredness....it's the same in our house some days...a cool soak in the water cures most.