Saturday, January 31, 2009

~"Salthouse" linocut by Angie Lewin~
With all this heat we haven't been getting out and about too much. Time indoors has allowed a little more time to indulge in some of those long enjoyed pastimes and more time taken to stop and smell the roses online. I have come across many beauties over the last week or so from lovely dancing fan flowers to porcelain feathers and this lino cut by Angie Lewin. After many days of unmoving heat, last night Strong south easterly winds swept in from the coast and cooled things down for a while. With all the stillness of the last weeks it was a thrill to have things shaken up a bit.


katiecrackernuts said...

They're wonderful linocuts aren't they? I look over them and squint up close trying to work out how it was all done.

Prudence said...

All of your beautiful summer photos are making me very very jealous as I sit here in the dead of winter! And thank you for sharing this linocut - it's beautiful!