Saturday, June 14, 2008

Now she is four

Four years. That is two plus two and one more than three. I know exactly how and where the time has gone but I am often left breathless by how swiftly it seems to have passed. Four really is a special age and a kind of a coming of age, I think. She was so little for so long and now we are getting a hint of the possibilities of what the coming year will show and bring. Happy birthday, sweet four year old!


Lizz said...

Happy Birth Day to a little darling and her Mama!

4 really is very special.

Mark said...

Happy Birthday to a wonderful and fun little four year old.

Prudence said...

She's so so lovely. Happy birthday to your daughter, and to you! xo

SallyPeru said...

late birthday huzza
giggle cake pop toffee skip
wish joy love four sprite