Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday morning

I have been in a head cold haze since about last Wednesday. The cold that started to improve on Friday then started to get worse on Sunday. Even though I am not getting much sleep and not making much sense, I am hanging in there. It's not all bad news, I did manage to do and see a few enjoyable things this cold and sunny Monday morning.....My favourite winter leaves scattered across my favourite tiles. A present for a baby just born was sent on its way. Jonquils ablaze on the kitchen table. Swear by it.


Prudence said...

Well, even though you're sick, your photos are still as lovely as ever - hope you feel better soon! xo

Lizz said...

We all just had this here at my house on the other side of the world. Super sore throat. Eucalyptus in the bath is a big help.

Feel better.

I was happy to be myself again after. You really appreciate your health when you don't have it however briefly.

SallyPeru said...

Ignore vise on head.
Sniff. Battle the virulent bug -
and contemplate health.

I too, am sick. Get well.

Anne said...

Hope you're feeling better soon :)
When we have colds here, I like burning Eucalyptus and Cypress in my oil burner. It cleanses the air in my home.

Prudence said...

And you have to let me know - have you ever eaten an "aussie burger"? And is that an obnoxious title, or no big deal? I get the feeling that you probably aren't a big burger-eater either!

Suzi said...

Get well soon and love it when manufacturers stick with the same packageing for 50 years, I am such an aesthetic sucker will pick the products- like tins of tomatoes - with the prettiest traditional illustrated labels regardless of price or other variables ( so long as they are italian of course!)
love suzi

Channie said...

hey jules, your photos are amazing, especially the jonquils which look awsome...clever girl!