Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wild and Woolly

It has been lovely and stormy here for the last few days. Shortly after dinner on Thursday night a falling Jacaranda branch on the next street caught a power line and the lights went out. Our house is all electricity so the timing was good, the dishes had just been finished and a hot cup of tea was fresh in my hand. The children love the excitement of an unexpected blackout, especially on a woolly night like that. My eldest told us about some of the stories she had read about Laura Engels Wilder on the old frontier and how they had lived with only the lantern light when the sun went down. We tried our hand at shadow puppets, stretching our imagination to match the shadows made with the animals we wanted them to look like.


Amber said...

Oh that is just beautiful. I can just see them there having so much fun, imaginations running wild..xx

onegoldensun said...

What a wonderful way to make use of a night without the lights! It can bring such peacefulness to have such a simple gift. great photos, too.

Bird Bath said...

I love these shots... isn't it lovely when a change in regular routine brings about a great little adventure like this!