Monday, April 28, 2008

rainy days and sundays

7 am: we awoke to the sound and smell of old friend rain. Rubber boots were hastily donned (by my not quite four year old) and a favourite umbrella retrieved. I love that for her rain is an event, a joyful occasion to be celebrated in her own way with a good spell of jumping, stomping and splashing. For me rain is always welcome. Here's hoping for a big wet.
When the rain passed an afternoon of planting bulbs and vegetable seedlings began. I have been collecting bulbs for the last few weeks or so. Buying a handful from the local market with what shopping money is left over. We have a pretty good selection but I have forgotten which ones are which. It will be a lovely surprise when they grow.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Julie, the photos are just beautiful...we are the opposite:finally enjoying wide blue skys after a summer of carefull what you wish for. s x

amy said...

oh wow, the stick insect!!