Monday, April 7, 2008

All in the family

By my standards it was a big weekend. Cooking with the young ones, catching up with a friend, a Saturday drive to a country school fair and the welcoming of a 7 week old feline who, after some tussling, we named 'Scout'. All were carefully planned activities except for wee Scout. We came across Scout and her 6 siblings behind a stall at the fair. A young girl proudly presided over the 7 warm slumbering bodies and asked eagerly if I would like a hold. I did and that was that, I was completely taken. We paid for her by a donation to the school and took her on the hour or so drive home to join our small menagerie. I am happy to say that she is toilet trained, confident and performs well for her supper. I think that young girl did a beautiful job of nurturing and caring for all of those kittens. success!

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Anonymous said...

Scout is so cute. You're very lucky to be able to have a cat (two cats in fact). We would love to get a kitten but Dexter is allergic to cats plus we have two mice so it wouldn't quite work out.
Keep the photos and beautiful words coming. We enjoy catching up with you on the blog even if we don't always see you in person. You're all very clever.
Can't wait to see you today.
Love Genevieve & Isabella xxx
PS: you've inspired us to start capturing some more simple moments with the camera.