Tuesday, April 1, 2008


A pinch and a punch.... Happily I can not think of a thing that is foolish about April. April is in Autumn and April is a cool two months before the Winter chill. Another great thing about April is that it's when Dahlia flowers open up their fleshy or cactus like petals to flourish in the sun. It was only last Autumn when a good friend brought these incredible flowers to my full attention. Since then they have well and truly been pulled from the 'Nana' garden school of flowers. To qualify this statement, I certainly do not dislike certain flowers it is just that I am really beginning to notice the beauty in some of those that were so commonplace when I was a child. On another trip to the Botanical Gardens on Sunday I turned off my favoured path and came across an impressive Dahlia patch. The colours and varieties were really varied and I could not resist taking a number of photographs. I was also inspired to visually document these from my recent travels to the beautiful Flower Press.


SallyPeru said...

Julie, your cactus dahlias are a treat because they no longer feature in my garden. I've sent my exotic empresses into exile in a bed of sawdust in a cool dark spot, where they'll wait for the drought to, hopefully, pass. SallyPeru

flowerpress said...

Hi Julie,
Thank you for your wonderful compliments and for stopping in to my blog! I'm glad I've helped inspire you.
I love your dahlia pics, such great flowers these and great in a vase I keep thinking I could slip one into my garden, they are so loud though, aren't they LOL!! Maybe a tasteful pompom in deep maroon...