Saturday, June 30, 2012

adelaide when it rains

so many pretty things to look at here - trailer
chai here
coffee and tea here. (K's Pretty hands)
Adelaide is brice and wet. Locals no longer complain about the wet, but still have much to say about the woolly nights and dark cold mornings. Yesterday the rain pounded the cinema roof while I sat warm and dry watching a colourful Toronto summer. The day was spent jumping puddles and seeking refuge when the drizzle moved to drops. The city when it rains can be a wonderful place to be.


:perennial: said...

I just posted about coming home to Adelaide for a visit as this appeared in my blog reader. Take this Waltz is on my list of escapes while grandparents look after the kids.

It's lovely to see your posts pop up again after a break.

ally said...

Loved that movie...made me want to wear short shorts again!!