Saturday, March 24, 2012

Autumn at the Cedars

Home of Hans and Sally Heysen
Outside Cedars studio
Autumn Hydrangea
                                      Nora Heysen, study for Ruth, 1930, Drawing on paper.  Image 
Yesterdays visit to the Heysen family home and Han's and Nora's studios. Beautiful old home almost untouched, not lived in since Han's died in 68, making the past seem almost within reach. Cupboards still full of old clothes, even Sally's 1904 wedding dress remains. A lovely misty drive home through the hills, yellow wild flowers on the road side. Hello Autumn, I now see you are here.


suburbansider said...

Oh beautiful! I love the interwoven letters. I will have to put visiting the Heysen home on my list. I love the sound of everything being still in place - what a treasure!

Floor Number Four. said...

Looks very nice and calm in your photos! You have been tagged today with a little ray of sunshine in my blog, if you fancy joining pop over to check it!

thejadeleaf said...

New to your blog Julie. So lovely. Recognised the cedars, your in my neck of the woods! Jade x

Rebecca said...

beautiful photos Julie, its my favourite time of year, lovely xx

Amy Prior said...

I must must get there- so serene x

:perennial: said...

This makes me homesick for Adelaide. A friend and I used to bushwalk every Sunday morning and we plodded miles of the Heysen Trail.

Lovely photographs,