Sunday, March 18, 2012

Just lately

Little dress, time to put away for another child to play in another day.
Out comes the wool basket.
Dear I's autumn verses to learn and sing.
It's carnival time.
lemon cake with cream cheese icing - happy Sundays and plentiful cups of tea.
First Aid kit - Womad family favourite.


Kylie said...

Your lovely horsey cake reminds me of an "Ikea" horse Julie (and I mean that in a nice way)
The fabric in that little dress is gorgeous and so is that tea towel(?) in the background.

p.s. I'm also quite taken by the plate your cake is atop.

p.p.s don't forget waist measurement

Sara said...

Wonderful pics as always Ju. Hope you enjoyed Womad :)

Rowantree Design said...

Hi Julie, for some reason the pic of the little dress made me feel a little sad and nostalgic. Please don't put her away, hang her up somewhere

jodi said...

oh the dress - swoon x