Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pretty as a picture

Today I spent the best part of the afternoon washing walls and moving pictures. This frenzy was not brought on by Spring or pregnancy but by the prospect of spending more time around the house as the winter chill sets in. The first picture in this set is a beautiful paper cut titled Blue by the artist and very lovely Umbrellabella. The piece now hangs in my bedroom and it is a real treat to rest my eyes upon the gentle curves of the cut paper which often make me think of waves lapping at the shore. The third piece is a portion of something I painted a while ago. Painting this one was fun as it required squeezing out sticky enamel paint through a syringe. I tend to develop a bit of cringe towards my paintings and they often end up in the back room or shed, but this one has proved to be a survivor and is now a keeper.


Amber said...

the pictures and colours around your home look lovely. Very calming. I have been getting that long winter feeling too this year and i love the cold...hmmm so i am not sure why i am feeling a little daunted. I am sure there is such thing as pre winter cleaning bug...xxx

katiecrackernuts said...

Lovely autumn colours in this set. I love the green and coffee colours through the tryptic. Have fun with the redecorating. Sounds like you're into it. And when you're finished washing walls down, wanna come to mine?

umbrellabella said...

Looking goood! Love the earthy colours in your scheme and a very nice home/environment for the papercut! :-)