Saturday, December 20, 2008

Shake what you bake

Things have accelerated a bit since my last post. You see I have made a to do list and it seems that the list is in two columns. Like all good list makers I have prioritised my tasks and these cookies were about third down. I am thinking that by Tuesday this flurry will have passed and I can relax and enjoy the fruits of mine and others labours (I have listed this too).


Bird Bath said...

wow the stained glass cookies are fabulous....I think I want them on my list too!

p.s. I keep seeing familiar textiles in the background of your photos, I'm sure I have some of this in the stash, and I have the flying bird fabric in red. haha. you must sew quite a bit?

Amber said...

Right i am so making those cookies too. Inspired and excited..thanks for that.
Merry christmas beautiful lady..xx

Sara said...

The lovely purple light is like a little window to the cookies soul!! Glad to hear you are near the end of the lists. Have a very Merry Christmas Ju. (p.s. lamp base looks great - thanks so much!)