Sunday, March 16, 2008

Park Life

A visit to the Botanical Gardens is always a treat. In a city of high temperatures and water restrictions, the gardens provide welcome visual relief from the dry streets and browning city parkland's. Gardens top 5: running in shade, poking at fish in the pond, spotting turtles, walking with our own shadow, rolling down the grass slope.


Anonymous said...

Really like your photos. Can relate to parks being a wonderful source of refuge.

SallyPeru said...

Julie you've focused your lens on some aesthetic and poetic moments. They leave me feeling hopeful, dreamy and awestruck. Their detail reminds me how big the world is. My favourite is 'walking in our shadow.' Your daughter's shadow holds a commanding posture over a vision beyond. It took me back to when my shadow and I rode a tricycle on long summer days. These days shadow and I have fun running. SallyPeru

debbo said...

Hey you, with my braid in the photo's. Nice blog jubbels.
Cheers, Deb.