Saturday, January 28, 2012

and the heat goes on

Making Madeline paper dolls. Miss Clavel completed - 11 girls to go.
Perusing Adelaide Festival guide
hot plumbs
It has been really very hot here for a long time now. The BOM say 34 but after a week or so of dry heat and still nights it feels so much hotter. My little one has been unwell all week, the doctor reported bronchitis this morning. So this week has seen us spending most of our days inside, away from the relief of the pool and beach, with cabin fever geting the better of us all now and then. On the up side, I am anticipating the coming Adelaide Festival. I am quietly excited about Jane Birkin singing Serge.


suburbansider said...

like the idea of your Madeline paper dolls - looks lovely! Best wishes for your little one. x

Kaylovesvintage said...

Jane singing Serge , that sounds
wonderful , you have to tell me about it
enjoy your sunday