Monday, December 12, 2011


1. paper star, 2. pippi, knitting, waiting, 3. dottie angel and a 'small being'..., 4. <3, 5. Christmas Bokeh, 6. Polymer Clay Birds wip, 7. в лето, 8. crochet boots, 9. a very Australian tree, 10. twirly transformations ~ after, 11. christmas cake, 12. IMG_5311

Wow wee, change IS as good as a holiday! - I am also on holiday (at home) so the goodness is double ;-) I chucked in my day job a few weeks ago and have had some time to do some of those everyday simple things that were once just part of my day or week, like posting here more often. I have another few weeks off before starting an new job which is less hours and will be a really nice change, and the new year, looks like it will bring with it the gift of some more space -to think, plan, create and to give a little more. I am just now setting myself the task of adding a photo here a day until boxing day. I have noticed that others in this space often post a photo on Friday that describes one small quiet moment in an otherwise busy week. I will just be finding one of those moments to post here everyday.


flowerpress said...

That sounds like happy news, will be lovely to have more of your posts to look forward to :-)

katiecrackernuts said...

Sounds ideal. I marvel at people who make the decision to chuck in a job and work less. I love my job but we've become aware in recent months that it's taking a toll on my health and, well, it's all I do. There has been serious discussion about how long I do it for and what else could be done. Scary discussions but somewhat liberating too.