Tuesday, September 8, 2009

all sorts

A quiet moment before sleep to do this small post. The days have been busy and I have had this little blog in the back of my mind, thinking of what photos to add or what words to write. Alas it is a little late now and I am tired, so here is a small offering for now. The cards up top are for our sweet daughter S (xxx) who turned an impressive 10 the other week. The other two pics seem to go together somehow, maybe it's the fold of the tea towel and the fall of my young ones hair on the nape of her neck..... time for sleep now:)


Mark said...

Yes, these lovely shots go together nicely

Leanne said...

A sweet taste life in your *space*...lovely shots.
Ah and birthdays...why is it they come around so quickly for us watching Mama's?

Sara said...

Happy Birthday. I can't believe she's ten! Where has the time gone... I love the card with the rabbit - so sweet. And I just noticed that I have the same vase as you at home. Mines reproduction I reckon - made in Japan. Got it in Pick n Poke on Goodwood Rd. They are closing down in a week or so; may be worth a look.